Monday, September 20, 2010

Any Feedback?

As the blog title indicates, I'm a Learning Photographer, so any feedback and/or constructive criticism you can offer would be welcomed (I'm working in PSE8).

Any suggestions as to what I could do with the washed out face?  The tone of the photo is what I want it to be but her face brings "geisha" or "mask" to mind.

They're probably weeds but they're the spring shoots and I was pleased with the insubstantial being in focus surrounded by a great bokeh.

An experiment in the abstract.  The first layer is a tulip, actually just a few petals of a tulip, with the Coffeeshop Ice Pop action.  The next layer is a texture that I'd created with another texture (Rebecca Parker) over that one.  Each texture had some low opacity erasing done in different areas of the picture.

A ficus covered in small white lights.  Two PW Slight Light actions (no flattening) then low opacity erasing of the lights.  The final layer was the Oil Tanker texture at 40%, again erasing the lights at low opacity.

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