Thursday, September 16, 2010

Futile Attempts - Updated

Still no functioning PSE8.  Yesterday was a day filled with a series of futile attempts to fix the situation.  Tomorrow is Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces and I want to participate! 

If the Organizer module of PSE8 is functioning but the Editor module is not, would you not assume that this is an Adobe issue, not a computer issue?  Or maybe I should say it's a software issue not a hardware issue. 

Three times I attempted a system restore on my computer, deleted/uninstalled multiple software applications - even my Norton security, deleted all the actions & textures I'd downloaded, just on the off-chance that any of these things were interfering with the functioning of the PSE8 Editor.  It was all to no avail. 

Bottom line?  I'm still unable to process photos.  Adobe, because they've been unable to resolve the issue, wants me to contact Dell.  Working with Adobe customer support has been bittersweet.  The people (yes, more than one) I speak with are courteous but their accents are so strong that I repeatedly have to say, "excuse me, could you repeat that?" not to mention that all of their fix attempts have been unsuccessful.

My final attempt to remedy this on my own is to install PSE8 on our other (read "older") computer.  We'll see if that works.

What am learning through all of this?  Definitely persistence, and maybe a bit more about computers too.


PSE8 is installed & working on the old computer but it's not pretty and it's not easy.  It's a bit like going from a sleek new car to a model T.  The screen is much smaller and I have to do a lot of mousing so I can feel that in my wrist.  Yep, I'd complain if I was being hung with a new rope... :o)

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