Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work It Wednesday

Fix It Friday at 

is so much fun that I decided to do my own version of it tonight calling it
Work It Wednesday.


Loving the sweet kiss from Daddy I cropped the picture down to just the two of them then did a variety of edits.

Each of the edits has the same crop & the same two textures applied as background then everything else comes from that base.  Opacities of various layers were adjusted and erasures were made on various layers.

Coffeeshop Creamy Chocolate B&W action

Coffeeshop Creamy Toffee Latte action

DPM's Oh The Drama Action

Coffeeshop Green Tea Action

Coffeeshop Hot Cocoa 2 action

Coffeeshop Magic Sunset action

Coffeeshop Raspberry Tea action

PW Sepia action at 60%

PW Vintage action


  1. I don't know WHICH one I like the best. I think M had a hard time deciding too!

  2. so cute!!