Friday, October 1, 2010

Fix-It Friday #73

Fix it Friday
Click on the link above to see how others have edited this shot. 

Today's original photo is by Keli Hoskins, the edits are mine. 

There's something about this photo that made me keep editing - not to fix it but just because it seemed to present so many options.  Thanks for this shot, Keli, I had a blast this week!


Coffeeshop Creamy Chocolate B&W/ crop

Though cropping so close appears to degrade the resolution a bit, this one is still my favorite.
Crop / Coffeeshop Orton at 25% / Sweet Bakery Glazes Blueberry

Again, the tight crop degrades the resolution a bit but I went for it anyway.
Curves / Crop

Coffeeshop Green Tea

Coffeeshop Ice Pop / NYC by Everyday Actions

Coffeeshop Little Perk / brought out the eyes / Coffeeshop Denim - Fade layer

Curves / brought out the eyes / Sweet Bakery Glazes - Soft Honey at 50%


  1. Great edits! Last one is my favorite.

  2. I love the tightly cropped one of her face! If only iheartfaces would have given us a bigger file to work with. :)

  3. Great edits!
    I love the coffeeshop Ice pop version the best!

  4. This last one is my favorite. Good ideas, all around.

    Susan/Project Balancing Act
    Visiting from:

  5. I like the high contrast in your fifth edit.

  6. i'm glad you had fun with it!! :) such great edits!!

    thank you for working on my photo today!

  7. Love that you showed lots of plays; girl after my own heart. ;-) Rita makes wonderful actions, doesn't she?

  8. I love the tight shot on her precious little foot. Great job!

  9. Beautiful edit! So many different edits that are so different!