Friday, October 29, 2010

Fix-it Friday #76

Fix-It Friday
Click on the link above to see how others have edited this photog by Susan Keller.

Today's edit was a lot of fun - a wonderful beach scene.  Perhaps it's because the weather has cooled down quite a bit so I'm enjoying the warmth from this scene, or maybe it's because this boy is so unaware of the camera that he pulls me right in.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo, Susan, and for letting me play with it.

This is the image straight out of Susan's camera.

In this edit I tweaked the curves, applied the Orton Effect, then finished with two Paint the Moon (PTM)textures.

 Tweak the curves / Run PTM actions The Works then Skin Smoother / Finished with PTM Timeworn Texture

Tweak the Curves / Apply CoffeeShop Action Bakery Glazes (Blue Berry & Strawberry) / Run PTM action Hush Now / Apply PTM texture Reminisce-b 

CoffeeShop Irish Breakfast Tea action / PW Colorized action / PTM Golden Child Action


  1. Great edits! I'm SOO jealous b/c it looks like you got your hands on PTM's Dancing Lights textures! I'm trying to hold off buying them, but I'm getting very impatient! :0)

  2. nice...i like the 2nd and 4th ones :)

  3. Wow! Beautiful edits! The third edit is my favorite. Love the illuminosity of the skin with the textures!

  4. I love your third edit and how soft and dreamy it is. Great work!