Friday, October 22, 2010

Fix It Friday #75

Fix it Friday
Click on the link above to see how others have edited this shot.

Today's photo is by Angie Arthur but the edits are mine. 

This image is so full of life, looking at it makes my heart happy.  Thank you, Angie!

I apologize for just posting the edits without any information - I'm being a bit lazy.  What I'd like to do is post some screen shots of what I do in case anyone else is interested, but alas, I'm ignorant of that process.  Does anyone know of a tutorial (I prefer video) of how to post screenshots [from PSE8] onto my blog?

My main issue this week was the little boy's vest becoming just a black smudge.  Please tell me how you took care of that.


  1. I love all of your edits! I really like the one you lightened up so you could see the buttons on his vest....nice job!!!

  2. I like edit #4 the best. Nice job! Not sure how to take care of the vest...I'm not that advanced!

  3. love your edits! amazing to see all that you can do with one photo! :)

  4. Great edits! No. 4 is my favorite too.